Sunday, January 16, 2005


Yesterday I had to drive into town to pick up my race packet. While doing this, I noticed some signs for a traveling Cirque Du Soleil show: Varekai. I thought to myself, hey, my friends who went to Las Vegas are all seeing KĀ, so I felt like seeing Varekai. At this very late date (basically the night before the show), I could only get a single seat for myself, otherwise I would have tried to get another ticket for a friend.

So, after I cleaned up after the half-marathon, I drove back into Houston to Reliant Stadium, where Varekai had setup their tent in the parking lot.

I really like Cirque and acrobatic shows, and this one didn't disappoint. The costumes were colorful and wild and reminiscent of insects, and the show itself was nearly two hours long - one hour, twenty five minute intermission, and then another forty five or fifty minutes or so. This was the first traveling show I've seen - all the other ones I've attended were permanently based in Las Vegas or Orlando.

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