Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Snow Season?

This winter could be a really weak snow season. It didn't snow as much as usual in December, so the local ski resorts opened late. Now there is plenty of precipitation, but it is unusually warm, so it is falling as rain instead of snow in the mountains. This is horrible because rain not only melts the snow and leaves slush, it leads to floods along our various rivers.

It was too dry earlier, and now it is too warm. As a result, Steven Pass has closed until it gets more snow. Crystal Mountain has lowered prices and only two lifts are running. The Summit is closed today as well.

It is a good thing I'm planning a weekend trip to Whistler/Blackcomb in February. That might be my first time out this season! I've read conditions there are worse than usual, but they are likely to be better than here. The conditions can't be that bad because Whistler is currently hosting the FIS Snowboard World Championships, through this weekend. That would be fun to watch! Oh well, I'll just play SSX3 on my Playstation2 and pretend I'm competing. ;)

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