Monday, January 17, 2005

Friends and Former Coworkers

Finally, to wrap up the evening, I met with some former coworkers - people I used to work with at Compaq (now HP). This included Bev (in from Sacramento), who brought her family to Texas for a dude ranch vacation, where everybody rode horses. Bev's kids really enjoyed it, as far as I can tell.

One thing that is a bit shocking is to see how everybody's kids are growing up. Last time I was in Houston was 3 years ago, and it has been 8 since I moved away. So obviously the kids are all older, and there are a few new ones here and there!

Andrew, Jeff, Me


My former boss... and the biggest hacker I know.


Someone wanted a gin & tonic, so Pedro searched all over for his best Tanqueray gin.

Andrew, Adam, Alice

Andrew and his two kids. Wife Kathy wasn't feeling well. Last time I saw Alice she was in daipers, and her younger brother wasn't around yet.


Pedro's chihuahua, named "Romeo". This little guy was so friendly, but a little bit scared of the camera flash.

Patty and Me

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