Sunday, January 02, 2005

Orkut Friend - David Fielding

Gail and Dave drove down from Vancouver to meet Krisanne, Eric, Francesca, and myself for dinner. It was fun to finally meet him in person and hang out in the evening.

We Seattle-ites waited at Vérité, a coffee shop in Ballard that is one of Krisanne's favorites. The coffeeshop also served cupcakes, which went well with coffee as my appetizer! Vérité was really bright and had high ceilings, so it seemed to me it could also double as an art gallery.

Gail and Dave showed up, and we wandered around looking for food. A few restaurants were closed and we wound up at a bar which was OK. Dave's hobby is flying, so we talked about various things from acrobatic planes and snap-rolls to orkut people.

Later at Krisanne's, a minor cultural note came up - we watched the Superfriends "whassup" spoof, and were all giggling and laughing... except Gail, who was busy looking at the rest of us like we were insane. She said she didn't watch that cartoon growing up in Cananda and thus didn't find it funny. Well, as someone who did, and is also familiar with the silly Bud "whassup" advertising campaign, I thought it was hilarious. So, check it out and leave a comment about it.

Gail, David, Me

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