Monday, February 28, 2005

Chilly Hilly article

Just a quick note - the Seattle PI has a brief article on yesterday's Chilly Hilly. It looks like somebody did it on a unicycle!

Francesca teased Brian about doing the ride one-legged (one foot was a bit sore due recent surgery?), but assuming you had the leg muscles to pull it off, at least you could rest and coast down hills. I think a unicycle is fixed-gear - meaning the wheel and cranks/pedals turn as a unit, so no coasting: you roll, you pedal. More significantly, the braking system works the same way. That sounds great, but it means that you will have to work just as hard going down a hill to prevent yourself from runaway speeds.

Speaking of pictures - somebody with the Cascade Bicycle Club newsletter took a picture of Eve in her biking tutu. I'm a member of Cascade, so I'll be sure to watch for that pic in the next month's newsletter.

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