Monday, February 21, 2005

Used Books

I had the day off, and in the morning I decided to unclutter my study (a.k.a. third bedroom) by selling some books. So I went through and selected the ones I didn't like enough to keep.

I packed up about twenty of them, went to Half Price Books, and dropped them off at the sales counter. Usually when I sell some books, it is barely worthwhile - in the past I've taken in ten only to get enough in credit for one or two. Still, since I'm likely to move in the near future, I needed to prune my collection.

When I stopped by after a few minutes and heard that they were giving $42 for the books I brought in, I could scarcely contain my glee! I was extremely happy because I was only expecting half of that.

Of course, I spent most of it right back, picking up books that friends have recommended, and other ones I've wanted for a while:

I got all this and about $4 back in change! It was a great haul. In fact, maybe I can really force myself to pick ten more to get rid of.

The first four books will join my backlog of ones to read. Who knows when I'll actually get around to reading them. The next two books will be filed away. And the last book... that will get some immediate attention. :)

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