Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dingbat Coworker

So the buzz up and down the halls at work has been job hunting - two coworkers found jobs with other groups, rather than accepting the relocation. I understand, since they have family and kids and stuff, but I think that it is just a band-aid on the situation - who knows what relocation demands will come up after the merger. Also, the QA group is looking at joining another team en-masse, which would be good as basically three out of four of them will leave the company if it doesn't happen.

Then there is me... the only person from this site that is seriously considering relocation. My local coworkers are both happy and sad: happy I'd stay with the company, but sad I'd move away. My remote coworkers are seem enthusiastic, and sell the area every chance they get.

One of my local coworkers (who switched to another group) stopped by to chat and ask how things were going. My office desk is covered with various real estate pamphlets, newspaper excerpts, Orlando area maps I've printed, etc. so I think it is fairly obvious I am leaning towards relocation. This person asked if I wanted the name of a recruiter that another former coworker used. I said sure, send me the info, mostly just thinking that I could delete the mail.

Well, this person sent mail, copying the recruiter, myself, and about five other people in the company. Um.... send me the info, or at worst mail me and copy the recruiter. Don't mail half the group! Maybe I'm hung up on appearences but this qualifies as Dingbat Coworker (DC) move #1. The recruiter mailed me, and I haven't responded yet - I should probably politely tell him thanks but I really don't need the help (more on this another day).

My second-line manager was in town, and offered to take us all out to happy-hour again. She did this two weeks ago when the news broke. She's really cool and is also quite upbeat on Orlando. At the table where we were all sitting, the aforementioned DC decided to ask across the table, if I got the info from the recruiter. I stared for a bit, and answered in a fairly even voice, that yes I did but wouldn't be contacting him. I'm not sure who heard, but to me, this was dingbat move #2 - I answered but what I really wanted to do is break a plate over the DC's head. What in the !@#$&* was the DC thinking?

Later, I had dinner with Davis, another friend and coworker. His take on this was that the DC sent mail out in such a large fashion to stake a claim on any referral fees the recruiter might give. In my little fantasy world, such fees would cover the cost of surgically removing the ceramic shards of the plate I broke over DC's skull. ;)

I sent off a few questions concerning relocation to my HR contact, so I'll see what she says tomorrow. I'm estimating I'm around 90% likely to move.

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