Monday, October 24, 2005

Hurricane Fringe

Wilma was a little delayed getting here, but it finally arrived. I am on the fringe of the storm here in central Florida, but we are definitely getting part of it.

All last night I could hear the wind howling and a heavy rainfall. This morning when I peeked out I saw lots of yard debris in lawns and streets. The level of my pool is quite high, less than half an inch from the lip. It has stopped raining for now but if it picks up again I may drain the pool (into the side yard) a bit to avoid having it spill over. There are drains around the edge of the patio, so I don't think I'm at risk of flooding or anything, but I might as well take that minor precaution. I noticed another frog in the pool, but I'll leave him/her be for now. ;)

It is really windy - the forecast says gusting winds from 30 to 40 mph. I was unbalanced a few times just walking around so I'm glad it isn't any higher than that! I was also surprised to find out how cool it is - currently 64 degrees according to my outside thermometer.

Windy Day

My front yard trees. This pic doesn't quite capture how windy it really is.

I drove into work and found an empty parking lot. This can only mean that the office is closed, but since I was there I went in for an hour or so. Sure enough, the office is closed and we have the day off, so after checking a few things, I left to grab lunch and come home.

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