Monday, October 17, 2005

Pool Visitor 2

This morning, I checked on my pool and discovered two frogs! While I do appreciate the positive word of mouth, I decided stronger measures were in order. Not only would I have to evict my surprise guests, I would transport them to one of the ponds in my subdivision. Last time, I just deposited the frog outside the screen area, and clearly that wasn't far enough for this determined amphibian - he came back and brought a friend! I really do think this pair wandered away, got lost, and selected the nearest body of water they could find.

One thing is clear: I must search my screen for a small hole. Either the frogs are smart enough to open the latch on the screen door, or they are clever enough to perform an infiltration worthy of a Navy SEAL team by slipping into the filtration control system (which is outside in an unscreened area, but this involves unscrewing a cover), or... there is a small hole in the screen (or perhaps a door jamb doesn't quite line up against the frame) which offers entry. I don't remember inviting them in.

One frog was sitting in the exact spot the one last week was in - and that may have been the same frog I tossed into my lawn. His friend had selected a sunny spot underneath the lip of the spa.

Trying to Avoid Capture

Unfortunately, the best transportation I could offer was a plastic bag. After chasing them around for 15 minutes, one at a time of course, I had trapped them both into seperate plastic bags, which I tied shut. Then, I walked these two to the farthest pond in the subdivision, near the entrance. If they come back, they really must prefer my chlorinated pH-neutral waters. Perhaps they enjoy observing Clank the robot hard at work.

Transport Bag

I reached the body of water I had in mind for them, and opened each bag. I had to shake the bag and pretty much tickle them through the bag before they jumped out. I'm sure getting tied up in a plastic bag is traumatic for the frogs, but I couldn't very well hold them in my hands. Shortly after landing on the shores of the pond, they took a giant leap in and I just know they will be happier there.

New Frog Home

Here is where I let the two frogs out.

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