Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Like everybody else, I don't really feel a day older than I did yesterday. I am, but I'm not sure you can really feel the difference from one day to the next. But today, for me, the big year counter rolls to the next number... I am now 37.

Thiry seven isn't much of a milestone; these days I think in age groups. ;) The next big shift will be when I enter the M40-44 age group. Qualifying for Boston becomes "easier" at 3:20 instead of 3:15 (!). So does qualifying for IM Hawaii - at IMCdA, the last M35-39 qualifier went 10:04:15 while the last M40-44 qualifier went 10:07:31 (!). Why, that's more than three whole minutes of extra time. Athletically, it appears there is little difference given to the 44 year old male versus the 35 year old male.

My birthdays are typically quiet affairs. Last year was a notable exception; Francesca organized a nice party for me. This year I don't really have any friends to celebrate with, but I will treat myself to a nice dinner! I almost snuck out of work to go see the Wallace and Gromit movie, but I couldn't quite swing that... I'll try to catch it sometime soon.

My mind wandered around quite a bit today, from travel to home decoration to children. I'm gonna milk it and get a few posts out of those topics rather than cram it all into this one. ;)

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