Wednesday, October 12, 2005

SSX On Tour

I'm a pretty big computer games fan, everything from strategy (Civilization) to real time strategy (Rise of Nations or Age of Empires) to first person shooters (TRON) to quick puzzlers (Zuma). I even branched out into console gaming a few years ago, buying a PS2 and several games. Now I also play platformers (Ratchet and Clank) and sports (NFL2K5) and stealth/adventure (Splinter Cell) and driving/racing (Burnout 3: Takedown) and combat (Virtua Fighter) and action/adventure (the infamous Grand Theft Auto III) and so forth.

I used to be a PC game snob, and thought console games were all crappy - cheesy looking 2D side scrollers. But as you can see, I think the latest generation of consoles has bridged the gap and these days, the truth of it is console gaming has several advantages, such as cheap and easy setup. Some genres are better suited to console gaming than PC gaming.

So far, my all-time favorite console game is SSX Tricky, where you do crazy tricks by mashing combinations of buttons on the controller. The tricks are gravity defying - some involve clipping out of the snowboard and doing various flips - and all look cool. ;) Naturally, I also bought the sequal SSX3 when it came out, and played that as well.

Just yesterday, the latest SSX game came out - SSX On Tour. Of course, I bought it as my birthday present to myself.

I haven't played much yet. There is too much stuff competing with my spare time, and I'm adamant about not impacting my training time. After my season finale triathlon, I might slack a bit and play a bit more. ;)

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