Saturday, October 01, 2005


One of the joys of home ownership is... yardwork. Ugh. I am quite happy to pay for a lawn service to mow, but that still leaves me trimming the hedges and trees.

I hadn't done anything about the small palm trees in the front yard, since I moved in nearly three months ago. I'm not sure what these trees actually are, so I'm just calling them small palm trees. These trees seem to grow in pairs, splitting from the base. I have two pairs of these trees, so four total to trim, and all were looking very bushy.


After 30 minutes or so with the clippers, here is what the tree looks like now:


The leaves of this tree have sharp needles near the trunk.


I had to put gloves on to gather the trimmings. Running through a forest of these plants would certainly be painful!

Next up are the hedges. I am tired of trimming the hedges with clippers, so I think I'll swing by Home Depot and invest in a hedge trimmer. Ideally there will be an electric one, and then I can cut my hedges into perfect suburban boxes. Hehe.

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