Friday, October 14, 2005

Pool Visitor

This morning I was out checking on the pool, and I discovered I had a visitor! See my visitor below, enjoying the current from the spa?

Pool Visitor

Here is a closer shot. Notice how the frog has strategically selected the shady section to enjoy.

Shady Spot

Unfortunately, I cannot welcome a frog into my pool. After all, my Home Owner's Association might complain my pool isn't properly zoned for a frog subdivision. And, there isn't any food for the frog in the pool. Plus, I can't believe the water is good for frogs, since I dump acid and chlorine in it all the time. I'm sure this one wandered inside the enclosure and couldn't figure out how to leave, and in the meantime, he or she decided to cool off.

So, I pulled out the leaf skimmer and moved in to trap the frog, who promptly leapt out into the main section and hid against a wall. After a few tries, I netted this nervous amphibian, and transported him outside my screened patio.

I hope this frog is from the small lake in the subdivision, and will perhaps find a way to reunite with all his friends which undoubtedly miss him or her.

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