Thursday, March 17, 2005

Day Before St. Patrick's Day

My friend Steve IM'ed and said he had a friend Jen who worked somewhere that was running a limerick contest. The rules were: clean ;) and the limerick had to mention "Irish" or "March 17" or "green" or "clover" or "leprechaun".

Now, seventeen and green rhyme, so I tried something like:

Tomorrow is March 17
So be sure to wear something that's green

But, I couldn't think of the last three lines. "Or you'll get pinched somewhere obscene" was a promising finish, but then I was stuck on the middle lines.

So after I while, I came up with:

St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow
Drink green beer to drown your sorrow
Just take a few swigs
And then dance a jig
For the luck of the Irish will follow!

This seemed more cheerful.

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