Thursday, March 03, 2005


Well, the deadline for accepting the relocation offer is here... and I'm still waiting to hear back from HR. Again, I'm not asking for the Alex Rodriguez treatment, I just want what various people have said to be placed in writing. Actually, it is more than that - the letter actually specifically says the only circumstance I get the retention bonus is if I don't move. The way I see it, if I don't get it reworded, I have zero grounds to complain if they suddenly decide not to pay.

I've mailed off to my boss and HR and everybody knows that's the only issue I have. HR said they'll get back to me ASAP, and to not worry about the deadline. This is reasonable - after all, they wrote the letter and set the deadline, so I think they can extend one to alter the other. I expect this will occur and I'll then agree to the relocation.

In other news, my phone interview went OK. I think I did well, but maybe not so spectacularly well that they'll consider me sooner than normal channels. I am supposed to hear in a week or two, which is pushing the envelope. That's OK really, I still flip-flop occasionally, but I am almost looking forward to going. It is as if I've been given a glimpse of a possible different life, and am curious enough to try my hand at the adventure.

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