Friday, March 11, 2005

End of Snowboarding Season

Stevens Pass sent out mail that announced the inevitable: they are closing for the season. I was hoping for one more weekend, especially since I was up there last week and the conditions were OK. But, it probably costs a lot to run the resort and they likely decided they wouldn't get enough people there to make it worthwhile.

I've gone anywhere from 12 to 15 times or more in a season, but over the past few years I went about half that often. Still, I do enjoy snowboarding and generally try for a trip every other week during the season. I occasionally even take a side trip to Lake Tahoe for more snowboarding or skiing - to just have a change of scenery!

Living in this area makes it easy - resorts are a day trip away, so I could go fairly often. When I lived in Texas, my ski trips were binge-style: all day for three or four days solid. This made sense since ski trips then involved airfare and lodging. Now I look back and I am amazed I didn't injure myself skiing/snowboarding to exhaustion day after day. That is something I'll have to get used to again, living in Florida! Next winter I'll be looking for a trip to Lake Tahoe or Colorado to get my fix in. Or perhaps this area, but the main draw of returning to Western Washington to ski/snowboard would be to visit friends, since the skiing here is OK, but not worth a cross-country trip for.

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