Tuesday, March 29, 2005

House Survey

This morning a representative of the relocation company came by to survey my house, to determine how much packing material is needed. He walked from room to room and asked few questions, while he tapped furiously on his Palm Pilot. That is kind of cool, he and the moving company must run some custom software that records and estimates the amount needed.

As I looked around, I realized I still have a lot more work to do uncluttering my home. Primarily this means cleanup up my study, and the garage. I'm working on the garage, tackling 8 or 9 boxes stacked against the wall. I'm not sure what is in some of them, and perhaps that is a sign that the contents aren't really that important! It is difficult for me to throw stuff away, but I will try very hard this time around. I have some recreational gear I won't take with me, and instead of having a garage sale I'll look to give stuff to friends first.

The housing surveyor asked about my barbecue grill. I'm certainly not taking it with me - I'd prefer buying a new one, perhaps even a different style grill, when I'm there. I don't use it that much, but it does come in handy once in a while. I think the surveyor would buy it from me, but I'm not selling until I use it to throw myself a going away party. ;)

I also called up a landscaping service recommended by my realtor. I need some work on the front lawn: mowing, edging, but the big thing is re-sodding a portion of it. The back and side yard need to be moved as well - I'd do it, but since I'm having this guy come out for re-sodding, I'll be lazy. He'll come by early this Saturday and give an estimate on the work.

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