Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ides of March Geocaching

Last week my friends at work planned to geocache on the Ides of March. So we wrapped up our meetings, ate quick lunches at our desks, and slipped out for an hour or so. Caesar found this date to be evil, so we selected some nearby "evil" themed geocaches.

Rusty Sculpture

The first one was Motel 9 3/4, a travel bug motel themed lightly after Harry Potter. My GPS didn't get any reception at all - I think it is broken - but that didn't stop me from spotting the cache first. It had actually moved from its original location, so the others were searching in that area while I had no idea and just looked for obvious locations (e.g. odd piles of leaves).

Motel 9 3/4 Cache

Cache closeup - basically an ammo box painted red

After that we drove to a nearby trail and started to look for On The Road to Evil. I found this one very quickly as well, hidden in some grass.

That cache was hidden on a hillside just off the Tolt Pipeline trail. The next cache, The Evil Overlook, was just a tenth of a mile further along, so we walked down and started searching in a clearing next to the trail. This one was more challenging, and we spent several minutes searching before Christina found it.

These three finds bring me up to a total of 88 geocaches. If I want to find more, I'll need to repair my GPS or buy a new one!

Caching Friends

Davis, Rich, Christina

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