Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New Camera?

I'm thinking of getting a camera to replace my Canon S30. It has served me well and still works great, but I am interested in either a smaller camera, or one with more features. My only complaint is the original battery is lousy - from a full charge, it takes about 5 pictures before flashing the low battery warning, and then croaks around 10 or 15 pictures. Maybe the battery is defective, because that seems really short. Fortunately, the backup battery I got lasts much longer, about 40 or 50 pictures.

One contender is the Canon A95. This camera is nicer: it has more shooting modes, and a twisty "vari-angle" screen which is useful for odd angle shots. Plus, my friend and shutterbug Gail has this camera (or a previous version of it), and if it is good enough for Gail, it will certainly be good enough for me.

Another contender is the Canon SD400 (or the smaller SD20). This camera is very compact, which is something I think about every single time I take my current camera with me somewhere, because a smaller camera would stuff better into a pocket. The SD20 is available in three other colors besides silver, but I'm not sure I'm willing to pay much extra for that.

I am leaning towards the Elph models (the SD400 or the SD20). I'm not a sophisticated camera user, so the fancier features of the A95 would likely go unused. Plus, I would definitely appreciate the smaller size. The SD20 is the smaller of the two Elphs, but would require purchasing new storage media, since it takes secure digital cards instead of compact flash.

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