Thursday, March 17, 2005

Relocation Letter

I finally got the relocation letter back from my company! Actually, I could have received on Tuesday - I came home to find a FedEx notice on my door. I couldn't think of what it could be, since I almost always have things shipped to work - it is just easier for me to receive packages there. On Wednesday I came back to another notice, and thought about whether or not Iwould have time to drive over to the distribution point in Issaquah to pick this up.

I decided to sign the form and leave it, so the FedEx delivery guy could just leave whatever this item was. I hate doing that, as it seems to me that a package sitting on the doorstep is too easy to steal. Since I couldn't think of what this was and wasn't expecting anything I ordered, I decided to do it. Over lunch I zipped by home and found my updated relocation letter, the one that specifies packing is included (not just shipping), and that the retention bonus is independent of relocation.

Anyway, it is a minor point, but now I feel like I can start making concrete plans to move. Things like: get some minor landscaping done, schedule a house hunting trip, work with the relo people to schedule movers, etc. I'll try to move as late as possible in April, or even the first week of May if I can stretch it that far.

As for Amazon... well it is just a slow process. I can understand that, but I've delayed as much as possible and am running out of time - after a phone screen and a programming problem, I still have yet to do an in-person interview. Best case scenario is that occurs next week and I possibly get a job offer in early April. Talk about a squeeze-play!

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