Thursday, March 24, 2005


My local real estate agent talked to her counterpart in Florida and found that I need to make a "non contingent" offer on a house there. This basically means my current house needs to have a sale pending, before I can make an offer on another one.

This pushes out my timeline here, because I'll need to list my house and get an acceptable purchase offer before I move. Since it will take a week or two to get the house ready - I need to have some landscaping done, and unclutter a few rooms - about the earliest I can list it will be week of April 10th. Once listed, I'll wait at least two weeks, and possibly longer, to get purchase offers. Closing will take another two weeks after that, according to my realtor. Add in a week long house hunting trip, and that brings me to the third week of May at the earliest - possibly the last week of May depending on how the offers on my home go.

I contacted my boss and the relo people at work, with the above information, and they were fine with it. The fact is, since I have to sell a house, this is how long it will take.

This is actually good, the more time the better, for many reasons.

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