Sunday, March 20, 2005

Whistler... Almost

On Friday, my friends Tom and Mary IM'ed about another snowboarding plan - similar to an earlier trip, but a bit more ambitious: a day trip to Whistler!

Whistler is about a four to five hour drive, one-way, under good conditions, so this would be quite a road trip. I was undecided and told them I'd think about it. On Saturday I found out my Sunday volleyball match was cancelled (leaky gym), and my thoughts returned to the Whistler... I decided it was a crazy enough idea to do.

So we left Duvall, WA (where Tom and Mary live) at 4:30 am, made it to the border at 6:00 am, and got to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry turnoff a little before 7:00 am... only to find out there was a mudslide and the road was washed out (8 km north on the highway)! I joked that I thought that only happened in California. ;)

Horseshoe Bay Ferry Turnoff

We sat in traffic for about an hour before officals came around to tell us it would take at least two or three hours to clear the road. We decided to get some breakfast in North Vancouver, and then see if the status was different. Not many cafes were open, so we asked for recommendations at a gas station. The clerk directed us to a local place called the Tomohawk, which had a great breakfast menu.

Tomohawk Decoration

Outside the Tomohawk

After filling up, we hit a Starbucks in a nearby plaza, and then decided to check one more time on the road conditions. We were hopeful we could at least get a few hours in, so we drove back to Horseshoe Bay. This time, the road was blocked by a highway truck and cones, and the cheerful lady told us it would be 1 pm at the earliest before the road was cleared... so we turned around and headed home, a little disappointed.

Squamish/Whistler Sign

We got just a bit further than this sign.

Basically, this wound as a road trip to have breakfast at the Tomohawk. ;)

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